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Flims is like a Swiss army knife when it comes to varied holiday programmes! Whether sporting activities on the mountain or relaxing walks in the Rhine Gorge, swimming in Lake Cauma, biking on the Runcatrail, an e-bike tour or a visit to the museum in the famous yellow house. You can even go shopping in Flims - among other places in the Stenna Centre, where you will also find a cinema.

Lake Cauma

The pearl of Flims. Probably the most famous Swiss mountain lake. The Caumasee island and the large rock in the middle are unmistakable and complete the picture of the turquoise-blue lake. Whether to eat in the restaurant, swim, paddle or simply enjoy the view. Lake Cauma is a must-see on any trip to Flims.

Lake Cresta

Lake Cresta is undeservedly a little overshadowed by Lake Cauma. But the lake on Trins and Flims soil scores with its idyllic location, in the middle of the forest, with a view of the Flimserstein. The lake is a haven of peace to recharge the batteries in nature.

Trutg dil Flem «water hiking trail»

The award-winning water hiking trail, also called "Trutg dil Flem" in Romansh, is probably the most popular hike in Flims. The hike starts at the lower Segnesboden (accessible by train via Naraus or Grauberg or by bus to Alp Nagens) and ends in Flims village. The trail crosses the river "Flem" (Flims) 7 times over individual bridges.

Rhine Gorge

The Rhine Gorge was formed by the largest landslide in the Alps almost 10,000 years ago: The Flims landslide. Over the years, the Rhine has meandered through the rock mass again and now offers breathtaking views into the "Swiss Grand Canyon". The Rhine Gorge or "Ruinaulta" can be admired particularly well from the viewing platform "Il Spir" near Conn.

Tschingelhörner & Martinsloch «Unesco Tectonic Arena Sardona»

The hole in the middle of the rock of the pointed Tschingelhörner is the Martinsloch. The Tschingelhörner show the African and European continental plates like no other place far and wide and are therefore part of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona. The whole area makes for wonderful hiking experiences.

Tree-top walk

The "Senda dil Dargun", as the new treetop pad in Laax is officially called, opened in July 2021 and immediately set a world record: It is the longest treetop path on earth. Another reason to see the area from above and breathe in the scent of the trees and firs in Laax.

High Ropes Park

The high ropes park in Flims at the Prau la Selva sports centre promises thrills and adrenaline rushes. The high ropes park is ideal for all levels, as there are routes to master at all levels of difficulty.

Pinut via ferrata

The via ferrata in Flims is called Pinut. Several hundred years ago, the farmers of Flims climbed high up the rock face of the Flimserstein to hay the Pinut meadow and gather fodder for the cattle. Thus, the Pinut via ferrata is the oldest one in existence. Today, it is fully quipped with new steel ladders and ropes, and only climbed for fun. It is classified at a low difficulty level. It is also ideal for families with children aged 12 and over.

Galaaxy Park

The Galaaxy Park on Crap Sogn Gion is a summer dream come true for all freestylers. At 2228 metres above sea level, there are ramps, trampolines, waves, courses and much more to discover.

Alp Mora Glacier Mills

Via Bargis or Trin you hike to Alp Mora, where the exceptionally beautiful glacier mills are located. The ice-cold little pools offer wonderful refreshment after a strenuous hike. By the way: since the summer of 2021, a mountain bus also goes up every Wednesday and Saturday in the summer holidays.

All Details

Information about the activities in Flims Laax Falera can be found at the reception of the Hotel Adula, at the guest information in Flims or on the always up-to-date website of Flims Laax. We know the Flims hotspots inside out and will be happy to help you plan your next hike, e-bike trip or ski tour.

Insider Tips

Fancy some Flims insider tips from our team? There are countless great places in Flims, some unknown, that you may not yet have heard of. Let the Adula team inspire you for your next excursion!