9 Flims insider tips from the Adula team

The destination Flims has a lot to offer, but few people know the destination as well as the staff of Hotel Adula. Let our team inspire you and experience Flims like the locals.


A hike with Sarah

Sarah is a receptionist and has been at Hotel Adula for two years. Her favourite place in Flims is Lake Cauma. But when it gets a little crowded there in midsummer, she likes to hike the Trutg dil Flem – the Flims water hiking trail. Her tip: enjoy a chocolate cake in Startgels. Simply heavenly. As she lost a bet the other day, this summer she will also venture out of downhill biking and explore the trails in Flims.


Experience the trails around Flims with Thomas

Thomas, our chef, joined our Adula team in Flims last September. After a strict winter season he was really looking forward to spring and is currently running his nose through the trails around Flims. Be it in the Flims forest or with a view towards Foppa. For him the perfect balance to power himself up after work. But he soon wants to see the heights and the vastness of the area with his own eyes. He has already heard a lot about it and seen little.


Discover the Crestasee with Therese

Therese is one of the old-timers. Since 2007 she is part of the Adula team and is responsible for the organisation of events and sometimes helps out at the reception. With her two children she likes to go to Lake Crestasee on a beautiful day. The highlight: The Connbächli on the way there. Her kids can follow the course of the brook with a piece of wood or a boat. At Lake Crestasee they can splash and play. Therese especially appreciates the lake for its tranquillity and of course its beauty.


On the mountain bike with Martin

Martin has been part of the Adula team for about a year and works in the back office as a human resources manager and assistant to the director. In his free time he likes to ride his bike down the fast trails. His favourite: The Never End Trail from Crap Sogn Gion to Laax. The speed makes him forget the everyday life and is perfect to let the adrenalin level rise. This summer, the via ferrata Pinut and the glacier mills on Alp Mora are on his bucket list.


Paul’s favourite bike tour

Our hotel manager Paul has been running the hotel for a little over a year and lives in Trin. He loves to go on his bike tours in the Rhine Gorge. Normally his route then leads via Conn and later on up a bit. As soon as the ascent is mastered, he rewards himself with an ice-cold glass of white wine at Berghaus Foppa. By the way, Paul has already worked in America and Asia and says without a doubt that Flims is the most beautiful place in the world. This summer he wants to tackle the hike up to the Segnespass and explore the Mountain Lodge at 2627 metres above sea level.


With Dominique to Lake Cauma

Dominique has been part of the Adula team since the beginning of winter 2019/2020. As Spa Manager she knows exactly how & where you can really enjoy it. Her absolute favourite place is Lake Cauma. Whether it is for swimming & sunbathing or even for a jog around the lake. But this summer she really wants to grab the hotel’s own e-bike and go on a really cool tour. Where is still open. The Rhine Gorge is on the shortlist with the round trip from Trin, Versam, Schluein and back to Flims or in the direction of Bargis.


See Flims through the eyes of Beni

Beni is our technical expert and takes care of all maintenance of the Hotel Adula’s. Since 2015 the Brigelser is part of the team. But you won’t find him at Lake Cauma on a beautiful summer day. Our genuine Grisoner in the team longs for peace and quiet and prefers to spend his time at altitude, for example on the Vorab glacier or on Bargis or in his home area in the Grison Oberland. However, he says that he absolutely wants to go to Piz Segnes and Martinsloch. Maybe this summer. Because he thinks that this area around the lower & upper Segnesboden is one of the most beautiful in Flims.


The hike of Kathi

Our housekeeper Kathi is responsible for the entire housekeeping. She hasn’t been with us for long and started this winter in the middle of the winter season in the Hotel Adula. However, Kathi does not live in the region, but in Domleschg. Since she has a small dog, she really appreciates the hiking trails in Flims. She really likes the quiet routes through the forest to the Crestasee. Despite the fact that she has been working in Flims for over twelve years in total, she has never been to Conn. That’s where she really wants to go – to the viewing platform il Spir and to the restaurant to perhaps try the famous Trinser pear ravioli soon.