The rustic restaurant Barga serves mainly meat and fish dishes at a tavolata organised per table. The menu is a modern interpretation of the long-standing Barga classics such as Chateaubriand with Black Angus Beef. For the entertainment of the guests, some dishes are also prepared at the table. For example, the tartar and also the Crêpe Suzette is flambéed on the spot. With the flickering fireplace in the background, the aim is to create a relaxed table culture. The atmosphere in the Barga is very special: Both the exterior construction and the interior ceiling come from a stable from the Bündner Oberland. Pine wood panelling on the walls and doors dating from 1683 complete the ambience. The floor has been finely laid by hand from oak blocks – each block has its origin in an old church tower.

The imaginative BARGA kitchen team works with tact and great attention to detail. “Casual, honest and fresh” is the motto. In cooperation with our vinotheque Vincreaziun, we offer a magnificent selection of wines to match every menu.

Opening hours

Wednesday to Sunday from 18.00 to 22.00
Monday & Tuesday closed (except during Christmas holidays)


We are pleased to be able to reopen our restaurant to external guests in accordance with the latest regulations.





To the history of the BARGA

The name Barga is derived from the Romanic and means cultivation – tuft.
The architect and artist Keller from Orselina planned and built the restaurant in 1965. Both the exterior construction as well as the interior ceiling originate from a stable in the Oberland. Installing this ceiling was hard work! Arven pine panelling on walls and doors from 1683 embellish the room. The floor is finely handcrafted from standing oak blocks. Each little block has its origin in an old bell tower.

The three coats of arms of the three federations are picturesque design elements: Church Federation, Upper or Grey Federation and Ten Courts Federation. Two bench backs are constructed from the head and side walls of a 300 year old bed. Wrought-iron grids made by northern Italian artists separate the two levels of the restaurant. For your protection and eternal happiness, Saint Martin, the patron saint of Flims, carved out of wood, guards us from a niche.