Flims Festival is set in the spectacular scenery of the mountains, rivers and glaciers of the Canton Graubünden. The programme runs throughout the year with its central showcase taking place in July & August. This year represents its 9th edition, displaying a musical feast of outstanding performances. Its aim is to present before audiences international artists of high quality in the field of classical music as well as in folk and jazz.
The artistic line-up will include Nicolas Senn on dulcimer sharing the flavours of the Appenzell region in the musical form, Pepe Romero to delight and thrill with his colourful musical interpretations on the fiery flamenco guitar, Le Phenix Ensemble will take audiences on a journey through Nordic landscapes with Grieg. The highlights of classical repertoire will be celebrated with the enchanting music of Mozart, Beethoven’s captivating and energising innovations and thrilling passages of Paganini. Inspired by nature, in nature, the music will flow from the lake Cauma, climb its peaks up the mountains and blossom in the beautiful surroundings of Flims. Films has adopted green as its logo colour; symbolising nature and the inspiration that artists have always drawn from the natural world, all working in harmony.
Join us in these celebrations and immerse yourself in the range of emotions and feelings that spring from such artistry: sometimes bright and uplifting, other times demonic and raw, often melancholic and soulful – all of them part of human experience and, through art, aiming to attain beauty.
Bring on the grin, let the green violin festival begin!

Information on: www.flimsfestival.ch



2017 concets

Sonntag, 16. April – ref. Kirche Flims: orchester le phénix: Holberg-Suite
Samstag, 15. Juli – Kirche St. Remigius Falera: Tiefe Töne zum Tagesanfang
Samstag, 15. Juli – Kirche Fidaz / Fidazerhof: Nicolas Senn
Sonntag, 16. Juli – Hopfenbühne, Brauerei Flims Waldhaus: Klaviertrio
Montag, 17. Juli – Das gelbe Haus Flims: Handarbeit
Mittwoch, 19. Juli – Gemeindesaal Flims Dorf: Orfeo ed Euridice
Freitag, 21. Juli – Jugendstilsaal Waldhaus Flims: Pepe Romero
Samstag, 22. Juli – versch. Strassen und Plätzen im Flimser Dorf: Strassentag
Samstag, 22. Juli – Hotel Adula: von Beethoven bis Broadway
Sonntag, 23. Juli – Kinderfest Laax: Bunter Bach
Sonntag, 23. Juli –ref. Kirche Flims Dorf: Mozart
Montag, 24. Juli – Caumasee Flims Waldhaus Dorf: Nachtwächter
Dienstag, 25. Juli – kath. Kirche Laax: Rosamunde
Freitag, 11. August – Schweizerhof Flims Waldhaus: Paganinis Capricen
Freitag, 11. August – Schweizerhof Flims Waldhaus: Der Teufelsgeiger
Samstag, 12. August – LivingRuhm Flims Dorf: Duo Calva
Samstag, 12. August – LivingRuhm Flims Dorf: Marco Santilli
Sonntag, 13. August – Hotel Sunstar Flims Waldhaus: Trio d’accordo
Sonntag, 13. August – Wiese Hotel Adula, Flims Waldhaus: The Pipes and Drums of Zurich
Sonntag, 15. Oktober – Hotel Chesa: Mich Gerber
Sonntag, 17. Dezember – Kirche Fidaz / Fidazerhof: Musik für einen Gast
Sonntag, 28. Dezember – kath. Kirche Flims Waldhaus: Weihnächtliche Harfe
Sonntag, 29. Dezember – Schweizerhof Flims Waldhaus: Weihnachten mit Pippi Langstrumpf
Sonntag, 29. Dezember – ref. Kirche Flims Dorf: Jahresausklang