Graubünden Touring

Take a chance. Use this opportunity to discover Graubünden and Switzerland in your own unique way – on tours where the journey is the goal and you determine how things go. Start off in your own car or motorbike on the Grand Tour of Switzerland, which lines up all the stops worth seeing. On the Graubünden mountain pass trip, new discoveries await you at every turn. Or you could leave your car behind and take advantage of the UNESCO World Heritage Tour offer: the Rhaetian Railway, Postbus and cable railways provide variety and comfort on your trips to the most beautiful corners of Switzerland. Now’s the time to bring your holiday up to speed!


Grand Tour of Switzerland

Your personal adventure trip

Experience Graubünden and Switzerland by car. The Grand Tour of Switzerland brings you nature, culture and local people in nearly 1,600 kilometres while touring through four language regions, across five Alpine passes and along 22 lakes.

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UNESCO World Heritage Tour Graubünden


Your personal adventure trip – without car

The Rhaetian Railway, Postbus and our cable railways are the perfect options. In five days this tour takes you from its starting point at Landquart/Chur to the Tectonic Arena Sardona and the Convent of St. John. Aside from the UNESCO World Heritage cultural sites, the programme features numerous other highlights.

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Graubünden Mountain Pass Trip

Nine passes – Six stages

Selected sections of the Grand Tour of Switzerland combined with a variety of peak experiences: Graubünden’s mountain pass trip, with stunning views, is full of tour highlights. Our routes lead to glaciers and palm trees, the National Park or sunny Ticino. Discover three language regions and three UNESCO World Heritage sites. For all those who love splendid tours and view the journey as the destination

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5 Reasons for Touring in Graubünden


Gorges and mountain peaks, palm trees and glaciers

The entire variety of the Alps rightbeside you in Switzerland’s National Park and Parc Ela, the largest nature preserve in Switzerland. And anywhere else in Graubünden.


UNESCO World Heritage in a three-pack

The wild beauty of the Tectonic Arena Sardona; the Convent of St. John, over 1,200 years old; and the architecture of the Bernina Express – all are a must-see on a sightseeing tour of Graubünden!


Historic mountain villages, preserved townscapes

All tours give access to the unspoilt beauty of these sites nestled in the Alpine countryside, including Guarda, the prize-winning Schellenursli Village and its houses adorned with sgraffito.


Hotels and cuisine

Tour during the day and relax in the evenings – stay in select hotels withtop regional cuisine, or simply unwind on the sun terrace of one of our stunning mountain huts.


Attractive side trips

The next peak is always nearby, as are many sites worth seeing along the way. More information on touring by bike or by foot can be found on our maps or website.