Wellness of the Finest

In the LA MIRA sauna world, you can choose from an abundance of vitalising, calming, stimulating and refreshing wellness options: herbal sauna, ruby steam bath, Graubünden’s sweat room, multi-sensory shower, ice grotto, and fresh-air yard.

The sauna world is accessible to all 16 and up.

Herbal Sauna

The herbal sauna with its pleasant 55°C temperature has a vitalising and nurturing impact on circulation.

Graubünden sweat room

It is seriously hot – 90°C – in the Graubünden sweat room. The sheer heat has a stimulating and detoxifying impact.

Ruby steam bath

The temperature in the ruby steam bath is 50°C with humidity of as much as 90%. A visit to the steam bath soothes the body’s airways.

Ice grotto

The ice grotto and fresh-air yard strengthen the lungs and balance the body’s water supply, while the multi-sensory showers stimulate blood circulation.