Movement is good

Our large and light fitness room is equipped with modern TechnoGym fitness equipment.

You prefer to exercise in a group? Choose your favourite sport from various movement classes: Aqua Gym stomach-leg-butt stretching Pilates Yoga personal training In addition, we are offering relaxation units like progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, and breathing exercises. Our guests close to nature can choose from our attractive outdoor program, from a guided hike to Nordic walking classes and running workout with MBT shoes.



In addition, we offer relaxation treatments like progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and respiratory exercises. Our nature-loving guests have an attractive outdoor programme to choose from, from guided hikes to Nordic walking courses.

The fitness program varies from week to week. Ask for our current weekly program directly at the reception.

At Hotel Adula, Prefit Bodyscan is available, which measures the body’s energy reserves and exercise capacity. The 8-minute body scan sends minor electric currents through the body. The analysis provides information on the body’s weak points and personal fitness and nutrition instructions.