Insider tips Flims

Flims is the home of the Hotel Adula. Our hotel has been here in this beautiful spot for 140 years. We are happy to share the most beautiful places in Flims with our guests! For further tips and help with route planning, please contact the reception team at the Hotel Adula.

Therese, Events

Therese is one of the old hands. She has been part of the Adula team since 2007, is responsible for organising the events and sometimes helps out at reception. With her two children, she loves to go to Lake Cresta on a nice day. The highlight: the Connbächli on the way there. Her kids can follow the course of the stream with a piece of wood or a boat. Then they splash and play at Lake Cresta. Therese appreciates the lake above all for its tranquillity and - of course - its beauty.

Paul, Host

Our hotel manager Paul has been running the house since spring 2019 and lives in Trin. He loves to do his bike tours in the Rhine Gorge. Normally, his route then leads over Conn and later still a little uphill. Once the climb is mastered, he rewards himself with an ice-cold glass of white wine at Berghaus Foppa. Incidentally, Paul has already been to America and Asia and says without a doubt that Flims is the most beautiful place in the world. Soon he would like to tackle the hike up the Segnespass and explore the Mountain Lodge at 2,627 metres above sea level.

Kathi, Head of Housekeeping

Responsible for all housekeeping is our housekeeper Kathi. She has been working at the Hotel Adula since the 2020 winter season. However, Kathi does not live in the region, but in Domleschg. As she has a small dog, she really appreciates the hiking trails in Flims. She quite likes the quiet stretches through the forest to Lake Cresta. Despite the fact that she has been working in Flims for over twelve years, she has never been to Conn. Now she definitely wants to go there - to the viewing platform il Spir and to the restaurant, maybe to try the famous Trins pear ravioli soon.


Flims is like a Swiss army knife - for a varied holiday programme! Whether sporting activities on the mountain or relaxing walks in the Rhine Gorge, swimming in Lake Cauma, biking on the Runcatrail, an e-bike tour or a museum visit in the famous yellow house. You can even go shopping in Flims - among other places in the Stenna Centre, where you will also find a cinema.