La Mira Wellness & Spa

Simply unwind in the 1200 square metre La Mira Wellness & Spa. There are two pools (indoor and outdoor pool), three saunas, a fitness area and much more.

La Mira

Switch off and relax: In our wellness oasis LA MIRA you can simply take a break from everyday life. Be it in the bubble bath, with a relaxing massage or a power unit on the spinning bike. All that’s left to do is unwind. The La Mira Spa team take care of the rest.

Opening hours

The LA MIRA Wellness & Spa is open to everyone. For hotel guests the spa area is included in the room rate, external day guests can buy a day entry to use the spa or fitness.

07.30 Uhr- 21.00 Uhr

09.00 Uhr- 20.00 Uhr

Sauna & Pools:
09.00 Uhr- 21.00 Uhr


At La Mira Wellness & Spa we also offer massages and beauty treatments. Arrive, relax and enjoy the holistic treatments - spa director and her team take care of the rest. For example with aroma massages, fresh body scrubs and anti-aging treatments.

Request spa admission

Our Wellness & Spa is also open to external guests. You can request your spa admission by calling 081 928 28 60 or

    Our La Mira Wellness & Spa

    Indoor sports pool

    The indoor pool at Hotel Adula is the longest in the whole of Flims. 20 metres: Perfect for sporty lengths in the water. Incidentally, the artwork on the indoor wall is by the famous Chur graffiti artist Fabian "Bane" Florin.

    Outdoor pool

    The outdoor saltwater pool at the Hotel Adula is a real oasis of relaxation, even in winter and early in the morning or in the evening, with water at 35° Celsius.

    Grisons Sauna Hut

    The Grisons Sauna is housed in a charming little hut. In front of it, you will find a fountain and Kneip area, filled with fresh Flims water to cool down your hot limbs.

    Ruby steam bath

    A red ruby sparkles in the middle of the venerable steam bath; the individual seats are arranged around it, giving the room an almost royal ambience. Ideal for the queens and kings among you!

    Flims Herbal Sauna

    The turquoise Flims Herbal Sauna gently transports your senses to the Flims forest. The natural herbal aromas are good for body and soul, invigorating and purifying.

    Ice grotto

    Do you want to cool down after the sauna? The best way to do that is in our ice grotto. An ice-cold shower and the ice cubes provide an arctic feeling and quick regeneration.

    Kneip area

    Directly in front of our Grisons Sauna Hut you will find our Kneip area; basins filled with fresh, ice-cold well water. Who can keep their feet in the longest?

    Fitness area

    Our gym is equipped with the latest machines from Life-Fitness. The view towards the pool and the La Mira garden make a workout on the stepper a real mountain hike - even in bad weather.


    • Panta Rhei relaxation oasis
    • Ruby steam bath
    • Ice grotto
    • Adventure shower
    • Spring water fountain
    • Relaxation zone
    • Garden / terrace with deckchairs
    • Indoor sunbathing area