LA MIRA 温泉疗养馆 – 真诚欢迎您

凡是到格劳宾登州来的客人,都希望暂时遗忘繁琐的日常生活。在我们的LA MIRA温泉疗养馆您可以实现身心放松。您只需来到这里,沉浸其中地享受全面疗法。其余的事情由水疗馆长Dominique Jean Wandke和她的团队负责安排,比如香氛按摩,清爽的身体磨砂疗法和抗衰老疗法。



The LA MIRA Wellness & Spa is open to everyone!  You are not a hotel guest in the Adula, but would like to take advantage of our wonderful wellness and fitness offer?  No problem – we welcome you as an external Day Spa guest to the LA MIRA Wellness & Spa!

Opening Hours 

Fitness from 7.30
Treatments from 9 am
Sauna from 9 am





T +41 81 928 28 28 or


Casa Barber

The gentleman is silent and enjoys

One wash, trim, shape, please! Caroline Kohl, better known under her “stage name” COCO, is a thoroughbred Barbière – a woman who knows what male beards want. If you surrender to her expert hands, you won’t want to miss her anymore.



Our wellness oasis has something in store for everyone.

Step inside and treat yourself to a few relaxing hours in the mountain landscape.

Regardless of the weather – sunshine or snowflakes – the right climate always prevails in the fitness and wellness area. The outdoor brine pool with various massage nozzles is heated to 35°C.