LA MIRA 温泉疗养馆 – 真诚欢迎您

凡是到格劳宾登州来的客人,都希望暂时遗忘繁琐的日常生活。在我们的LA MIRA温泉疗养馆您可以实现身心放松。您只需来到这里,沉浸其中地享受全面疗法。其余的事情由水疗馆长Dominique Jean Wandke和她的团队负责安排,比如香氛按摩,清爽的身体磨砂疗法和抗衰老疗法。



The LA MIRA Wellness & Spa is open to everyone!  You are not a hotel guest in the Adula, but would like to take advantage of our wonderful wellness and fitness offer?  No problem – we welcome you as an external Day Spa guest to the LA MIRA Wellness & Spa!

Opening Hours 

Fitness from 7.30
Treatments from 9 am
Sauna from 9 am





T +41 81 928 28 28 or

New Streetart in the La Mira

La Mira Wellness & Spa at the Hotel Adula now features street art by Chur-based artist Bane. Fabian Florin aka Bane has given the pool area of the Hotel Adula a literal splash of colour: He painted a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site Tectonic Arena Sardona on the six-by-15-metre wall. A photograph of the famous Flims Tschingelhörner by local photographer Daniel Ammann served as a model. The work has been embedded in the area in mystical sepia tones and was staged by Bane for the first time in a negative technique.



Our wellness oasis has something in store for everyone.

Step inside and treat yourself to a few relaxing hours in the mountain landscape.

Regardless of the weather – sunshine or snowflakes – the right climate always prevails in the fitness and wellness area. The outdoor brine pool with various massage nozzles is heated to 35°C.